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How To Use

Petstore Basic Petstore Extended Petstore
Render Style (light theme)
Dark Theme
Font Styles
Change Logo
Play with various color schemes

Advanced Styling

Schema Style
Tree / Table
Schema Expand Level
Built in API console
Default Schema View
Set the default tab in Schema to EXAMPLE instead on MODEL
Navigation Item Spacing
Compact / Default / Relaxed
Show color coded API Method in Navigation
Use API Paths in Navigation
You can override to display API Paths in Navigation Bar instead of summary
Change Header Color
Slots - HTML Injection
Inject custom HTML content at various locations of your document.
Supports markdown (headings, table, list, code etc)

RapiDoc Mini

RapiDoc Mini - Pluck APIs from OpenAPI Spec into your blog
Provide External and Internal links to varius sections of document
Markdown headings in Navigation
Optionally include markdown headings to navigation bar
Tags in focused mode
Tag clicking on navigation bar
Syntax Highlighting
Supports syntax highlighting in markdown for common languages
Code Samples
Support for x-code-samples (vendor extension) in endpoint definition
Endpoint Badges
Annotate endpoints with short color coded labels using x-badges vendor extension
Provide multiple request and response examples for your APIs
File Upload
Binary Response
Download or view binary response
Multipart Formdata
Submit mixed content such as file(binary) and plain-text using multipart-formdata
Multiple Request Body
Arranging Tags
Dynamic Parameters
Query Parameters - Dynamic Form Parameters - Dynamic
Advanced Search
Enable/Disable Advanced search

OAuth Setup

OAuth Demo
OAuth Extensions
Pre fill client-id and client-secret with vendor extension 'x-client-id' and 'x-client-secret', and pre select desired scopes with vendor extension 'x-default-scopes'
Authentication (Multiple)
Demonstrate various and complex authentication setup for APIs
API Key in RapiDoc Element
Declaratively provide your own API Key by using, and can programatically alter it using JS
Additional Properties
Apart from fixed predefined properties, schema can contain additional properties
Embed RapiDoc In HTML
rapi-doc element can exist with other HTML content
Embed HTML In RapiDoc
Custom HTML content can be inserted in various sections of RapiDoc

Performance Tips

JSON Object as OpenAPI Spec
Programmatically load a JSON object (should not contain external JSON refs)
API Server using variables
Define API server using variables, to dynamically connect to different servers

Mix HTML content

Specs with Callback (webhooks) Info
OpenAPI 3.1.0 Spec with WebHooks
Multiple DataTypes
OpenAPI 3.1.0 allows each field to have multiple data-types in accordance to JSON schema standard
Spec split into multiple files
Large specs split into multiple files referring each other with JSON refs
Schema Composition
Collapsable tags
In view & focused mode tags can be expanded and collapsed. You may also set each tags initial state
View Mode    |    Focused Mode
Mock API
Using a Mocking API service performing realtime request and response
Play Ground
Shows various things that can be controlled using script
List of Test cases
Request Parameters
Data types
Fill various example data types
Schema Title and Descriptions
Read and Write annotations
Schema Read & Write Only attributes in Request, Response, callback and Webhooks
Provide Examples with nested refs
Array and Object nesting
Circular references
Read Mode without a Navigation Bar
One-of combinations
Nested all-of & one-of
One-of with Refs
Nested one-of along with schema expand level restriction
Long paths
Long descriptions
Large models
Too many example generation Multiple combination of any-of and one-of can generate many examples and lead to browser-crash, this test case ensures that max 10 examples are generated
Multiple DataTypes per field Open API 3.1 allows schema field type to contain multiple types. This test case takes care of various cmbinations and nesting of per field multiple data types
Webhook Spec containing WebHooks
Various cases Spec containing one-of, all-of with primitive types, recursive models and readonly-attributes