default slot | A good place to provide internal and external links, Sign In buttons etc

overview slot | good for business flow explenation

Provide explenations, diagrams and other HTML controls. You may also style them to your needs

servers slot| good for describing about the API gateways, load balancers application servers etc

auth slot | good for describing authentication system

graph TB API-Gateway --> Authentication-Server Authentication-Server-->A[fa:fa-ban Invalid Token] Authentication-Server-->B[fa:fa-ban Valid Token] A --> 401[401 Response Status] B --> 200[200 response Status
with JSON payload]
You may even introduce some JS based functionality For instance, the digram on the left is generated by a flowchart markup rederer mermaid You can change them dynamically using scrpts

You may also provide HTML buttons and attach scripts to them to perform automatic authentication for your visitors.

overview slot | Good for contents that applies to all operations/api

tag--user slot

tag--Create-User slot

post-/users slot | Inject HTML content specific to a path if needed

footer slot | may provide copyright info and other links

nav-logo slot