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Web Component Standard
Free of any frameworks, setups, configs, build steps or packaging. Can be used with any framework or just with vanilla javascript
Easy Usage
Use It just like any other HTML Tag, Change its attribute using JavaScript and see it react to those changes. Basic knowledge of HTML is all that's required
Fully Customizable
Style it to your heart's content. Change font, logo, colors and theme. Inject external HTML or embed into another HTML document.
Small And Fast
Minimal dependencies, no runtime and no virtual DOM ensures lowest memory consumption, Just native and raw speed of modern browser.
Seamlessly interoperable
Loved by tech writers, designers, dev-ops, testers and developers alike, due to its simplicity, interoperability and powerful features. No special build-steps, runtime or framework required
Integrated Console
Comes with built in console to Try out the APIs. Supports authentication mechanism. No validation ensures, you can test negative cases.
Better Usability
Browse the spec with minimal clicks. All models & examples are expanded by default, eliminates the need to click and reveal. Requests and Responses are pre-populated with sample data.

Create your own themes with simplicity

Click for demo showing various color schemes

Match Your Brand

Put your own Logo, Change Header Color, Fonts, Button and Text Colors to match your Brand, in an extremely easy way without writing any css/js/html. You can also control them using JavaScript to dynamically change

Multiple Rendering Styles

While the default rendering style (view mode) is loved by programmers for quick exploration, RapiDoc also gives you an option to present API documentation to external audience which is more suitable to read like an Wiki

Supports Markdown

Comes with a builtin markdown rendering engine, Enhance your API documentation even more by including markdown syntax. Add tables, lists, code-snippets, and many other formatting options.

Two beautiful ways to show object models

RapiDocs ability to show object models is loved by many. Allows two distinctive styles, tabular and tree, both are suited for large and small schemas representation that allows object/array folding.

Quickstart (DEMO)

Just copy the below code and save it in an html file. Then open it using a browser
        <!doctype html> <!-- Important: must specify -->
          <meta charset="utf-8"> <!-- Important: rapi-doc uses utf8 characters -->
          <script type="module" src=""></script>
            theme = "dark"
          > </rapi-doc>